Vampyr Will Be Free In October For PlayStation Plus Members

Vampyr Will Be Free In October For PlayStation Plus Members
Credit: IGN via YouTube

October is a month of spooky celebrations and rightfully so because it’s the month of Halloween. Around this time, gamers usually have a lot of themed content and freebies to look forward to.

Next month is particularly exciting for PlayStation Plus members because they get to pick up the action role-playing game Vampyr for absolutely nothing. It will be available for download starting October 6.

It’s one of the better games featuring vampires and their mysterious lore. Developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, this game is set in London around 1918. Players get to become Dr. Jonathan Reid, a recently turned Vampyr.

Like a lot of vampire movies depict, Reid is forced into a completely different lifestyle. As a doctor, he’s sworn an oath to help people battle a deadly flu that’s going around the city. But as a Vampyr, he must feed on humans to survive.

Throughout Vampyr, you feel the hard choices Reid is forced to make. He has to find the balance between good and evil and if he doesn’t tread carefully, he’ll get himself into a whole lot of conflict.

Since this is an action RPG, there are a ton of things to do in this charming London town that is teeming in history. When you’re not completing missions and advancing in the story, you can go on plenty of side quests. Those are particularly fun as you never know what monster you’ll run into or which NPC you’ll have to help.

Speaking of NPCs, there are a lot of them in Vampyr. That’s great news if you enjoy narrative-based experiences where you get plenty of dialogue trees. How you respond to various characters will affect your relationship with them. If you do them a favor and get on their good side, they can provide you with valuable insights and even rewards.

Progressing your character can be a bit grindy and sometimes the combat gets repetitive, but the overall concepts in Vampyr certainly outshine the couple of hiccups that have been present since launch.

Probably where Vampyr shines the brightest though is its moody setting of London. It has a life of its own and it’s a pleasure exploring its open-ended areas. You aren’t really forced to go anywhere. Instead, you can travel to different sections as you so please.

October is shaping up to be an amazing month for gamers and that certainly rings true if you have a PlayStation Plus membership. Even in 2020, it’s still a great subscription if you have a PS4.