The Adventure Game Twin Mirror Is Available Now

The Adventure Game Twin Mirror Is Available Now
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There are a lot of great investigative games on the marketplace currently. One that just released on the PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows is Twin Mirror. It’s an action game that has shown a lot of interesting elements since first being teased back in 2018.

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The developer behind the project is Dontnod Entertainment, who you might remember for their work in the Life is Strange series. They’re renowned for their gripping storytelling, which seems to be heavily present in this most recent title.

In Twin Mirror, you play as Sam Higgs — an investigative journalist who travels back to his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia to say goodbye one last time to a friend. Upon his arrival, it’s clear that there are mysteries at play that suck Sam back into his past.

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He’s forced to deal with his past life all while figuring out more about this mysterious town, where strange events are happening left and right. Twin Mirror is particularly unique in that Sam has special powers called his Mind Palace. It is here where he can enter an altered reality and discover clues that would be lost upon him in ordinary life.

It’s how everything looks in the Mind Palace that is also compelling. Objects and characters take crystal form, giving everything a surreal vibe that makes you feel like you’re in a dream.

As Sam, players will have to make decisions on how they approach their investigation. Who they talk to and what they do with the information they gain all will shape the narrative. Since there are multiple endings, it’s safe to assume Twin Mirror has decent re-playability.

Players will have to follow their instincts and use their best judgements throughout every break in the case. If you’re still on the fence, check out the launch trailer up above. It gives you a better idea of the direction the developer is taking with the story.

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And if you’re still unsure, maybe the fact that Sam Higgs has an inner voice will entice you to check out what’s in store for Sam. It can be an aid or a hindrance. The dual nature makes it all the more important that you deal with the voice — known as the Double — carefully throughout your investigations.

Dontnod Entertainment has a good track record of making compelling games with a narrative design and Twin Mirror looks like it follows the same formula that many have come to love.