Speaking Simulator Is Officially Available On The PS4

Speaking Simulator Is Officially Available On The PS4
Credit: Affable Games via YouTube

If you haven’t heard of Speaking Simulator, you’re really missing out. It has an interesting take on the simulation genre. Normally with these titles, it’s all about realism and getting details as close to reality as possible. That’s definitely not the vibe that comes across in Speaking Simulator.

The developer instead injected a lot of humor in this game, providing hilarious sequences for players replicating human speech as an AI — who’s trying to not come off as anything but authentic.

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Since launch, it has been available on PC and the Nintendo Switch. Now it has come to the PS4 according to a recent announcement trailer. This is great news because it means a new crop of gamers will get to see if they have what it takes to master the complexities of human conversation.

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The premise of the game is basically an AI gone rogue trying to take over the world by disguising himself as a real human. Easier said than done. Players have to manipulate the faux human’s tongue in different directions to produce the right words.

You’ll make your way through 10 different social scenarios, where you must try to produce speech and convince those you’re talking to that you’re definitely not a robot. Oh, and if you struggle too much, there is a real possibility of your head exploding.

It’s a bizarre, yet oddly satisfying simulator that the community has really gotten behind since it first debuted. 10 social situations may not seem like a lot, but there is a ton of variety in how your facial expressions can fail. You’ll thus probably want to head back into the same scenario to see how things can be different.

And if you get really good in Speaking Simulator, you just might be able to put a couple of sentences together. At the very least, you’ll produce some terrifying facial expressions that only a robot could produce.

As more gamers get accustomed to this little gem that is now available on the PS4, it could gain some momentum and catch on like it first did at the beginning of its launch. It won’t blow your hair back in the authenticity department, but it’s not supposed to.

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Instead, you can just have fun and see what tricks you can pull off with your character’s tongue and mouth. You’d be hard-pressed to find a game more creepy and yet addicting to play. Good luck!