The Comedy Game Speaking Simulator Is Set To Release In January On Steam

The Comedy Game Speaking Simulator Is Set To Release In January On Steam
Credit: Affable Games via YouTube

Games with a lot of comedy elements naturally stand out. They take a different path compared to what you might find in first-person shooters and RPGs. There have been a lot of great offerings in this regard, including Goat Simulator and Untitled Goose Game. Another one is set to come out in January on Steam, and that title is none other than Speaking Simulator.

Like the aforementioned titles, Speaking Simulator is infused with so much humor and fun personality. Developed by Affable Games, this title is all about simulating speech. On paper, that may sound like a mundane topic. And yet in actual practice, this game manages to provide so many bizarre and epic moments that you don’t often seen in the gaming industry today.

You pretty much get to control a robot, who interacts with actual humans in various social situations. Your goal is to act natural and not give away the fact that there is metal behind your otherwise normal-looking exterior. Just looking at a couple of gameplay sessions of Speaking Simulator, you’ll find it hard not to crack a smile.

As your robot character talks, you’ll be manipulating their facial expressions and tongue. That last part is particularly humorous. There are tons of videos right now showing characters flapping their tongues like an untamed snake. Obviously these movements aren’t natural and that’s where the humor sets in.

How you adjust the robot’s mouth will determine the sounds and words they make. There are no clues as to how to produce speech. Rather, the developer wants you to figure that out for yourself. Through trial and error, you’ll probably manage to muster up a couple of words — although they probably won’t make sense in context with what your human partner is saying.

The game includes 10 different social situations, from job interviews to intimate conversations with a date. The entire time, you’ll trying to put your best foot forward as to note give away your robotic ways. The more you play, the more upgrades you’ll receive in social technology.

Given that each conservation and real-life situation can play out a number of different ways, Speaking Simulator has a ton of re-playability. Even after hours with this game, it never fails to leave a smile on your face. It really is a true gem worth looking out for this January. It’s the perfect way to ring in the new year.