Session Will Enter Early Access In September, This Game Signals The Return Of Skateboarding Games

Session Will Enter Early Access In September, This Game Signals The Return Of Skateboarding Games
Credit: Crea-ture

Crea-ture is an Indie development studio who is bringing back skateboarding games. their project is called Session, and it will be available on Steam Early Access on September 17. It will quickly be released afterward on the Xbox Game Preview program in October. The game is hopefully going to be fully released in the early months of 2020.

There was a massive surge of skateboarding games back in the early 2000s but there has not been much action since then. Occasional Skateboarding became a feature in other games, but it has not absorbed into the modern gaming culture. Session hopes to change that and become the game that reboots the entire genre.

The game’s main priority is to shake up the entire skateboarding genre. The game was created by major fans of the genre including the Crea-ture co-founder Marc-Andrew Houde. Instead of being restricted in a small skatepark, the game allows you to explore the streets. Button combos have been replaced with an entirely new system.

The new system uses what the developers call True Stance Stick control. You use the analog sticks to control your skater’s feet. This means that by angling the sticks, you slowly can learn new tricks and develop a level of skill that was lacking in the other games of the same genre.

There is also no scoring system in the game. You level your skater by learning new tricks and progress the character completely on the style you choose to use. Character progression won’t is locked in the Early Access versions of the game, but at least players can experience the base level of Session.

You can skate through a 1:1 map of Lower Manhattan. The map does include the famous Brooklyn Banks spot seen in the trailer and extra monuments of the area. Once character progression is added to the game, you will slowly be able to unlock more sections of New York City.

There is also a video editor who has a stylized VHS vibe to it. It serves as a clear nod to the ’90s skate montage videos. The entire game feels like a love letter to skate culture and includes music and the visual experience that make it feel like a true skateboarding game.

The game is slated for early release in 2020, so you will not have to wait long. Those who want to become involved in the early access portion of the game’s devlopment can play the Early Access on Steam on September 17. Fans can also play on the Xbox Preview function in October. Sadly, PlayStation players will have to wait until the game is in full release before having a chance at playing it.