Global Pre-Registration Campaign Begins For Multiplayer RPG GoetiaX

Global Pre-Registration Campaign Begins For Multiplayer RPG GoetiaX
Credit: GoetiaX via Twitter

AppSpirits and Funmily Corporation’s multiplayer RPG is preparing for its global launch of GoetiaX on mobile. The RPG combines anime graphics with a story campaign and multiplayer elements.

Pre-registrations are all completed through the game’s official global website. Players input and confirm their emails in a form on the main page. A user count and the rewards are located underneath the email form. Currently, around 20,000 people have pre-registered, unlocking 300 + 600 Diamonds. Diamonds are the game’s in-game currency and may be a separate purchase in the future.

At the 30k unlock mark, players can unlock 900 Diamonds. The higher tier rewards will unlock at 40k registrants and unlock 1,500 Diamonds, plus one Equipment Transmutation Stone. The last unlockable reward is at 50k registrants and will unlock 3,000 Diamonds, 5 Equipment Transmutation Stones, and 1 SR Djinn Summon Offering.

Players interested in playing the game as soon as its out can pre-register now. Pre-registering will allow players to download the game as soon as it’s released, but the launch platforms are not yet known. Those who pre-register before the game is released will also allow them to collect all of the unlocked rewards at launch.

GoetiaX is a multiplayer action RPG that takes place during a conflict between different powerful entities. The protagonist is a young magician trying to save the world from being destroyed in the war.

The official website has more information about the characters, which include female versions of Beelzebub, Samael, Azazel, and Satanael. The game contains voiced characters plus rendered Live2D characters. Outside of battle, players can interact with their favorite characters.

The gameplay contains battles with several characters. Players control a team of four characters, where two other teams will play at the same time. The total formation consists of 12 characters, which may be necessary to take down some of the bigger bosses. Players continue to fight until they can unleash their ultimate abilities.

Players who want to follow the game’s development and learn about any new events or pre-registration rewards can follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.

The items will be released to pre-registrants after the game is officially launched. The official launch date is not yet known.

GoetiaX will be released later this year on mobile.