Potion Permit Will Challenge Players To Battle An Ongoing Pandemic As It Launches On Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC Next Year

Potion Permit Will Challenge Players To Battle An Ongoing Pandemic As It Launches On Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC Next Year
Credit: Steam XO

After illness strikes an innocent community it is up to you to solve it with a Potion Permit. This title places you in the role of a chemist who must treat symptoms by mixing ingredients to brew potions. This title is an open-ended sim RPG that plans to launch on all major platforms sometimes next year.

This title comes from publisher PQube who has just announced several other titles. Brew potions to solve problems as you enter a town that prefers magic to science. Sadly, you are more of a traditional alchemist and do not have the same esteem that the local Witch Doctor can bring to the table. Still, when a pathogen enters the village that magic cant cure the townsfolk have only you to turn to for answers.

The village of Moonbury requires healing, and you are the best Chemist in the land. Using your tools, cauldron, and canine you must diagnose symptoms and gather the proper ingredients to solve them. Cure ailments and earn your rank in this unique sim RPG.

The town of Moonbury usually turns to their local Witch Doctor for healing but when the Mayor’s daughter falls ill the town turns to you. As a representative of the Medical Association, you must cure the Mayor’s daughter and convince Moonbury that modern alchemy can help solve their ailments.

Interact with 30 unique inhabitants who will fall ill and request aid. Sick residents will have to stay down and rest while recuperating making the town feel realistic and whole.

With ever new patient comes new symptoms and ailments. From low heart rate to sweating players must craft chemical answers to all their problems. Use the power of alchemy and brew potions that will fix all their problems.

Players must gather all ingredients by themselves using their hammer, axe, and sickle. Gather ingredients from the local environment and be careful of the weather as you travel around Occasionally you will have to battle monsters for their materials making you battle in real-time for their much-needed items.

Once collected players can brew remedies in their cauldron by mixing and matching ingredients. Become more experienced and unlock higher level recipes as you brew potions with even more potent effects.

There are tons to do in this unique title so players should take their time while exploring the world. From becoming friends with the townsfolk to simply enjoying the countryside this title is meant to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Potion Permit comes from MassHive Media and PQube and is set to release sometime next year.