Welcome to Elk Is A New Title Filled With Adventure Headed To Xbox One and PC

Welcome to Elk Is A New Title Filled With Adventure Headed To Xbox One and PC
Credit: Steam XO

Welcome to Elk is a unique biographical adventure game that introduces players to a rather unique life. Walk, talk, drink, and share stories as you explore the island of Elk and talk to the Danish locals. Take your role as an apprentice to a carpenter and explore the lives of the many unique community members.

As a game, this title is scattered with minigames and challenges. As you help the villages you will slowly understand the story of the island and why all the problems exist. This title is already available introducing players to Elk on both PC and Xbox One.

As a unique biographical adventure players will get to hear stories from every character Discover weird and wonderful encounters as well as dark and depressing truths as you slowly explore the island of Elk. All of the game’s stories are based on true stories of life from members of a similar island.

Enjoy a fictional island based on true stories and tall tales. You play as Frigg who must leave their life in the city for a unique apprenticeship in the town of Elk. When she arrives, she learns that the town’s slow-paced lifestyle is exactly what she needs to grow as a person.

The drama of the game comes from the drama of real stories as you explore the town of Elk. The title can best be described as a unique blend of humor, love, death and life. This title is a game that will have you crying one moment and laughing in the next.

Elk is an island full of people who the world has forgotten. They have ups, they have downs, and each of them have off drinking rituals that will show you their unique way of understanding life and everything that gets thrown at them

Help your friends on the island through varying minigames each tailored to an underlining narrative or plot point.

One interesting point is that this title pulls its story from storytellers. These living people inspire the many adventures within the title and reinvent their narrative in an anonymous way. Players can enjoy the true stories without worrying about ethical problems or names as each one has been left fairly disguised.

Enjoy Elk as it is a unique title of life, death, love and remembrance.

Welcome to Elk is available on PC and Xbox One from Triple Topping. For more information be sure to explore the original stories found on the developers website.