Enter A Unique Interactive Historical Drama In Dark Renaissance Headed to PC and Console Sometime Next Year

Enter A Unique Interactive Historical Drama In Dark Renaissance Headed to PC and Console Sometime Next Year
Credit: VLG Publishing via Youtube

Enter a dark visual novel experience as two studios come together to bring Dark Renaissance to PC and console audiences. This is a visual novel epic that is expected to launch on multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch. Explore a narrative experience filled with thrilling moments and driving characters.

Written by bestselling author Matteo Strukul the game blends together RPG moments with period pieces and a graphic novel feel. Uncover the secrets behind the artistic achievements of the 15th century in a unique hands-on experience.

Dark Renaissance is an interactive history drama that will take players into a real and dark story of the renaissance. Play as a mercenary captain that must take on fearsome enemies and make choices on a journey to glory and success.

Enter a game experience that pushes the boundaries of video game and storytelling elements. There is a deep narrative built into a dramatic story all built around true historical events, characters, and places in the 15th century.

Explore key places in the renaissance world from Italy to China as you travel through fascinating lands. Fight formidable enemies alongside Lorenzo de Medici as you battle against the cunning Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II.

This is a land of immense beauty and mysticism. Families filled with ruthless powermongers rule ht land with tons of wars brewing into a final existence.

This is a dark and gritty depiction of the renaissance that follows the story of Marco Baoer. He is one of the last knights f the Ordo Draconis, a group of knights so bloodthirsty that even Vlad the Impale was among its ranks.

There are countless opportunities for roleplaying inside the web of a political conspiracy. Learn the art of war, face your enemies in duels, and feel like a full part of this unique time period.

Enjoy high-class living during the main quest or fall into the deeper darker side filled with sex, drugs, and gambling. This is the darker side of European history that is not often explored in books or game environments. Enter a deeper world and understand what it truly meant to exist in this era.

Dark Renaissance is planned to release in 2021 for several consoles and PC. The game is being developed by Studio V and published by VLG Publishing. For more information be sure to explore the game’s Steam page and website which is filled with interesting screenshots and tons of information about this unique indie adventure.