Lonesome Village Is A New RPG Adventure Headed To Kickstarter

Lonesome Village Is A New RPG Adventure Headed To Kickstarter
Credit: Orge Pixel via Youtube

Developer Ogre Pixel has launched its Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming title Lonesome Village. This title is planned to release on both the Nintendo Switch and PC. While it is being worked on the developers are releasing a special demo for their title, in celebration of the Kickstarter campaign.

This title takes inspiration from other popular works in the RPG and puzzle genres. This game is much more than just a town that needs saving as it is a home that players will come to live. While the game is being worked on players can fund the last bit of the process with small donations.

To put players at ease, this is not Ogre Pixel’s first time Kickstarting a project. Their team is made up of strong game designers and players with several titles already available on multiple platforms.

In this title, players will take the role of Wes the Coyote. This lovable character hopes to rebuild his struggling town after a strange calamity came in and wiped out their home. By solving puzzles and going on adventures this brave coyote will bring back everything he has lost.

The entire game is presented in a unique yet welcoming art style. This game offers players a place to enjoy the unique world and try to step away from high action experiences.

The core of this game is mind-bending puzzles which players will be able to use to gain entry into mysterious towers. Solve problems one dungeon at a time with unique challenges in each of the many encounters.

There are tons of cute characters to befriend within this title. As you save villagers from the tower you must bring them back to Lonesome and secure their spot in the village. Experience the growing friendship as you literally rebuild the community from those who tore it apart.

Lonesome will quickly become your home as you earn land, build your house, and grow a life in this unique title. Work your garden and go fishing to help feed the village and support your family and friends.

Buried under its cute exterior is the gritty origins of Lonesome along with a secret past for Wes. Become a part of this unique world as you learn more about everything happen around you.

Lonesome Village will release on Steam and Nintendo Switch after the Kickstarter finishes. For fans who want an early taste of the game, there is a special demo available now on the developer’s main website.