Puzzle-Solving Fantasy Adventure Game Lonesome Village Kickstarter Ends Tomorrow

Puzzle-Solving Fantasy Adventure Game Lonesome Village Kickstarter Ends Tomorrow
Credit: Lonesome Village Official Website

Ogre Pixel has launched the Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming puzzle-solving fantasy adventure game Lonesome Village. The campaign was fully funded within 24 hours of being on the platform but is now working on fulfilling several stretch goals. The campaign ends tomorrow, October 17.

The Kickstarter page contains more information about the upcoming game, including several videos, screenshots, and a downloadable demo of the game so far.

Lonesome Village is about a quiet town working to rebuild after a terrible disaster wiped out the area. The protagonist, Wes the Coyote, is working hard to bring the village back to life.

The game contains a detailed world with a variety of adorable characters to hang out with after a long day. Wes will work to make Lonesome their home by earning land in the small town, building a home, and then customizing the exterior and interior of the space. While players build Wes’ new life, they’ll also learn more about the coyote’s secret past.

In the village of Lonesome stands a dangerous tower. Players have to solve various mind-bending puzzles to enter the tower and then make their way up. Each dungeon will slowly unlock the next path up.

Dungeons contain a variety of dangers, but also some of Lonesome’s villagers are trapped. After Wes rescues the victims, they can begin to rebuild Lonesome once again.

The Kickstarter campaign initially launched to help fund the Nintendo Switch and PC release of the game. Backers successfully unlocked the first stretch goal to make Wes customizable. A shop will get added to the game to customize Wes’ appearance, including the coyote’s gender. As an extra bonus, backers unlocked musical instruments. Now Wes can learn to make music with the villagers.

Additional accomplishments include an original soundtrack recorded with live players, plus two new explorable areas for “The Jungle” and “The Beach.” The next stretch goal will unlock relaxing ASMR scenes spread across the village.

Lonesome Village is currently in development, but there are several videos available to see the graphics and gameplay in action. After the Kickstarter campaign ends, the game will still need additional work to add in the completed stretch goal features. The game isn’t expected to be out until next year.

Lonesome Village is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on August 5, 2021.