Woodsalt Delayed Until December 9 For PC And Nintendo Switch

Woodsalt Delayed Until December 9 For PC And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Woodsalt Official Website

Team Woodsalt recently announced some disappointing news for those awaiting the release of its JRPG-inspired game Woodsalt. The title has been delayed on both Steam and Nintendo Switch until the end of the year. The game was initially expected to release this month.

The team did not state a reason for the delay publicly. But, this will give them time to continue polishing the release before it launches later this year.

Woodsalt is an adventure RPG set 1,000 years after Earth was evacuated after an attack by a giant monster and a series of chaotic natural disasters. Humans are now living on the planet of nu-Terra.

Emcy, an Earth-born man, awakens from stasis in a brand new world. Everyone has been waiting for some kind of sign to return back home. After living on nu-Terra for so long, the residents aren’t so eager to return. Something else is keeping humans from leaving the planet as well.

Emcy is plagued with visions and messages from an unknown voice that is undetectable by anyone else. Players have to guide Emcy through conversations and explore the city. Speaking with other humans to learn about what really happened on Earth and why. Choosing Emcy’s dialogue is half of the game, but important to get to know the other residents of nu-Terra.

Woodsalt contains multiple endings and side-plots. The side stories can change the main plot to a new course, perhaps to one of the ten secret endings.

The game is estimated to be around 9-10 hours long, and not everything can be done within one playthrough. If players want to explore the full world of Woodsalt and its characters, they’ll have to keep playing to unlock the three main story endings.

Team Woodsalt was inspired by sci-fi, and 90s era RPGs, especially Persona 4 Golden. The game is recommended for fans of the series.

Those interested in keeping up with new updates about the game can follow Team Woodsalt on social media. The game’s Steam page is also available now for wish listing.

Currently, the release is only scheduled for PC and consoles, but other platforms, including mobile, aren’t completely out of the picture. Team Woodsalt plans on controlling the ports in-house. If the team decides to move forward, they will have the latest information on Woodsalt’s official website.

Woodsalt’s new planned release date is December 9 on PC via Steam and the Nintendo Switch.