Minecraft Players Can Now Explore The Bernheim Arbore­tum And Research Forest

Minecraft Players Can Now Explore The Bernheim Arbore­tum And Research Forest
Credit: BernHeim Forest

During this Pandemic, Many are stuck at home unable to leave, and this has led to a significant increase in Minecraft players. This has led to many physical businesses recreating or creating a different-type of online experience. Some examples is when a WSU professor recreated the geology camp in Minecraft that students won’t get to enjoy this year.

The Bernheim Arbore­tum and Research Forest have been recreated in Minecraft, The Bernheim Arbore­tum, and Research Forest is a project that began with a 2016 Artist in Residence Program, which was created by the Common People.

The Common People is a family of three from England, Adam Clarke, Victoria Bennett, and their son, Django Moses.

When this group recreated the Bernheim Arbore­tum and Research Forest in a variety of maps, which are called “Woods and Pixels.” While that project was completed back in 2016, during this worldwide pandemic, the project was restarted with Zeller.

Zeller and The Common People both worked on updating the maps. Zeller stated, “This project explores the creative potential of digital technology and playful learning to engage children with nature.

The Wood and Pixels map invites children to find out more about Bernheim’s ecology and vision as well as explore some of the habitats, artworks and hidden spaces in a way that offers inspiration and engagement.”

The Educational version of the “Woods and Pixel” is available, and this version allows children and educators to explore an even wider ecological and creative aspects of the Bernheim Forest.

The recreation of the Bernheim Forest features a variety of different sites; these sites include places like Rock Run Loop, the Fire Tower, and Earth Measure. This allows players to easily enjoy the famous sites from Bernheim Forest from the comfort of their homes.

Zeller also stated, “Unfortunately for many children, participating and exploring Bernheim’s wonders are not available to them, and for some, Wood and Pixels may be the only way of doing so due to economic, geographic or other circumstances.

These maps allow everyone a way to explore Bernheim, and will also encourage and inspire children and their families to visit when we reopen to the public.”

So if players want to explore the Bernheim forest, then they should head on over to BernHeim.org/Minecraft to download the maps!