Geology Field Camp Cancelled? Professor Utilizes Minecraft To Give Students The Camp They Want!

Geology Field Camp Cancelled? Professor Utilizes Minecraft To Give Students The Camp They Want!
Credit: Minecraft

Wichita State college regularly holds a Geology Field camp for their students, and sadly during this pandemic, students were told that the camp was canceled The Professor, William Parcell, decided to offer a creative solution for students that are presently trapped at home.

“It’s about exploration, Just having videos, and lecturing, and then doing a test doesn’t really get at the heart of what field geology is really all about,” Parcell said.

William Parcell is an associate professor and chair of the geology department at Wichita State University had already been working on a more virtual experience for students who are unable to spend a month out in the wilderness.

Mr. Parcell was initially developing a virtual version of the camp years ago; the current pandemic was the perfect time to show off the virtual version of the camp to the public. Mr. Parcell used a combination of satellite photography and topographic maps of the Bighorn Basin region to recreate the region in a series of Minecraft worlds that mimics of those regions.

This camp usually has students traveling to Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin for their capstone field geology course. This course has students hiking together across sagebrush deserts and up steep mountains to get first-hand experience examining rocks and collecting data of the surrounding area.

This recreation is similar to how, during this pandemic, ElseWither was created. ElseWither is a recreation of the famous night club of Elsewhere.

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Minecraft is the perfect game to recreate this camp, the adaptability, and easy scalability are the two main features that make Minecraft widely used when recreating or creating new and exciting experiences. Minecraft is a perfect game for recreating vast landscapes with the blocky graphics and offers an easy way to build.

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