League of Legends 10.1 PBE Content Announced: New Champion, Skins, and More Customization Options

League of Legends 10.1 PBE Content Announced: New Champion, Skins, and More Customization Options
Credit: SkinSpotlights via YouTube

Riot is spending their preseason time window as productively as possible. The tenth season will be going live on January 8th, 2020, and they’ve already added a new champion as recently as yesterday with Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful. Now they’ve gone ahead and released the notes for the PBE’s active patch, 10.1.

10.1 is going to be adding quite a bit of new content. The new champion is an AD-based fighter/bruiser champion named Classic Sett, the Boss. While there’s nothing the player base likes to do more than throw the meta out the window, it’s likely that Classic Sett is going to be a top-laner or jungler by design.

There are thirteen new skins coming as well, most of which fit into a theme. The thirteen skins are as follows:

  • Dragonslayer Diana
  • Dragonslayer Olaf
  • Dragonslayer Trundle
  • Freljord Sylas
  • Guardian of the Sands Janna
  • Guardian of the Sands Rengar
  • Guardian of the Sands Ryze
  • Mecha Kingdoms Draven
  • Mecha Kingdoms Garen
  • Mecha Kingdom Garen Prestige Edition
  • Mecha Kingdoms Jax
  • Mecha Kingdoms Leona
  • Mecha Kingdoms Sett

Those are all the skins being added as of now, with prices that vary from each. Mecha Kingdom Jax, for example, is a legendary skin that will reportedly cost 1820RP, the in-game paid currency. This is different from the Mecha Kingdom skins for Leona, Garen, Sett, and Draven, each of which will cost 1350RP instead. 1350RP will also reportedly be the cost for the three Guardian of the Sands skins for Janna, Rengar, and Ryze, while there hasn’t been an announced price for the Sylas, Trundle, Olaf, or Diana skins.

There will also be a considerable number of chromas added for each of these skins in a variety of different options. Many of them will also be receiving new Summoner Icons, with twenty new icons arriving based around the new skins, as well as the new season and champions.

Finally, new emotes are coming as well, with about fifteen emotes to be exact – nine of which are different variations of Aphelios. A single new ward skin will be landing, based around the 2020 Mecha Kingdoms ward.

There are a variety of changes coming to some champions as well, with minor alterations hitting Amumu, Ashe, Kindred, Nocturne, Renekton, Senna, and Zyra. Not everything on the PBE is final, of course, and there’s still nearly a month before the next season starts, so don’t expect every change listed here to go live when the new season starts.