Last Chance For Overwatch 2020 Summer Games Event Skins! – Event Ends On August 25th

Last Chance For Overwatch 2020 Summer Games Event Skins! – Event Ends On August 25th
Credit: Blizzard via Youtube

The annual Summer Games for Overwatch is nearly at an end, with tomorrow marking the final day of the event. As such, there are only a few remaining hours to grab any remaining skins and cosmetic rewards for the event season.

An important note is that the Summer Games skins are only available for purchase with in-game currency for the duration of the event. Otherwise, players will need to wait until next year rolls around, or during the Overwatch anniversary event when all event skins are available.

So what skins are on the table this year? Besides returning favorites from previous years, the epic skins introduced this time are Union Jack Tracer, Ice Cream Orisa, and Sand Castle Bastion. The new legendary skins are Tropical Baptiste, Feskarn Brigette, Karate Doomfist (make careful note of the Crocs), Surf’s Up Echo, and Lifeguard Pharah.

There are other cosmetic items to check off your list before tomorrow, including new emotes, voice lines, and sprays to collect. It’s also important to note that some skins and cosmetics were a part of the 3 Weekly challenges, in which player wins in quickplay and arcade can earn a spray, career profile picture, and then an epic tier skin.

This week the skin up for grabs for free is the Ice Cream Orisa. It is definitely worth working your way through those 9 total wins, as this skin is a cute one! While working towards those wins, you can check out the new Lucioball Remix game mode for the duration of the event.

In Lucioball Remix, despite some wacky changes to the arena, the most notable change is there are two balls in play during the match. Goalies will have their hands full trying to keep both far away from their goal.

While workshop games do not count towards the 9-win weekly challenge, it is worth noting that there are new options added to the workshop with the Summer Games update.

If you still need to grind out loot boxes and want that sweet EXP, it’s not a bad place to check out and see what crazy games are out there. Additionally, the update included various bug fixes and quality of life changes for certain heroes.

That about wraps up the information for the Summer Games event. Make sure to go over the list of event cosmetics, and grab anything you are missing before the event ends tomorrow. Additionally, make sure to tune back here for the latest in Overwatch news.