Kingdom Hearts III Promises Fun Gameplay; Director Talks About Game’s Leakage Outside Japan

Kingdom Hearts III Promises Fun Gameplay; Director Talks About Game’s Leakage Outside Japan
Credit: Kingdom Hearts

The upcoming game Kingdom Hearts III promises fun gameplay as the creator behind it has put this in mind while developing it.

What could particular features have been integrated into the game to ensure that it catches the gamers’ attention? Would these be enough to sustain their interest to try the game?

In an interview with the Japanese website Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director, shared some details on how his team was able to come up with such a project.

Nomura revealed that Kingdom Hearts III “was made with ‘being fun’ as its number one priority.” He also noted that every element of the game and each effort of the staff involved were all directed to a common purpose – for the entire gameplay to be fun.

In the interview, which Siliconera translated into English, the director also talked about his desire to see players truly enjoy it. He asked the gamers as well to get their hands on KHIII first before they pass on any judgment and share unfavorable comments. He assured them about the “bunch of fun” they are about to experience.

Meanwhile, Nomura made a statement about the incident wherein a copy of Kingdom Hearts III leaked overseas. He noted that the acquisition of the game’s ROM illegally is not an issue anymore.

However, he refused to give further details about the incident, aside from clarifying that there were only four copies that leaked. This is contrary to reports which appeared to claim that there were numerous copies distributed by many sources.

The incident caused him to reconsider plans of advance release for a particular market. Instead, he might be launching upcoming games worldwide simultaneously.

Soon enough, various players can already give their comments about Kingdom Hearts III since it will finally be available on January 29. They can play the game on their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by then.

Along with the release are several reasons why KH players must look forward to everything that will happen next week.

As soon as the game is out, Square Enix will launch two updates on the same date. It will come out with the bug fixes as well as the story recap called the Memory Archive.

On the following day, an epilogue video will be launched on the second patch. On January 31, a “secret video” will be made available as the third patch of Kingdom Hearts III.