Sea of Thieves Undergoes Major Combat Modifications

Sea of Thieves Undergoes Major Combat Modifications

Fans of Jack Sparrow and his motley band of pirates will enjoy the new changes in Sea of Thieves.

Its exploration-based mechanics and seafaring features will certainly bring out the bandit in you. Not all players, however, might be drawn to its open-ended gameplay.

These are some of the key issues which Rare, the game’s developer, is working hard to address. In fact, the company’s executive producer Joe Neate committed to making a major revamp of the game’s quest system.

During the Fun and Serious Festival in Bilbao, Spain, Neate revealed that the Sea of Thieves’ combat system is undergoing major modifications. These include tweaks in the game’s parameters such as knockback and the manner in which swords and bullets work.

In Neate’s regular Developer Update on YouTube, he stressed their desire for players to have a better gaming experience by enhancing the game’s combat’s mechanics. These patches are expected to come very soon, with the “reduce size” update set to arrive on February 6.

Experts have been impressed by how Rare has managed to breathe life into the game. Although it started as a basic MMORPG, it has evolved into one of the most sought after titles due to the outstanding technical support provided by the developer to gamers.

For players who are excited to learn more about the latest game updates, Neate said these would be disclosed during the upcoming Inside Xbox show to be aired on February 5. The expectation is high that Rare will finally reveal the release date for “The Arena” update.

Players who are interested in trying out their sea navigational skills can purchase Sea of Thieves at $59.99 via different online retailers. But the game comes free if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Subscriber. Xbox One users won’t be disappointed as the game comes in 4K native resolution.

Earlier this month, Rare released patch 1.4.2 which cleared remnants of the Haul-a-Day and at the same time, brought in some highly-anticipated fixes to the game.

Among the key features of the 877 MB update is improved loading times for Xbox and Windows gamers.

In terms of game fixes, the canon radial does not attach to the gamer’s screen even if it is knocked off. Moreover, players who are on board the Ferry of the Damned will also be given credit for the Krakens slain by their crews.

Sea of Thieves players will also be pleased to know that during server migration, they will no longer be teleported to the center of the map. Furthermore, characters no longer face the prospect of falling off ladders as they reach the top.