New Development Teams Are Working On All New Kingdom Hearts Games, According To Tetsuya Nomura

New Development Teams Are Working On All New Kingdom Hearts Games, According To Tetsuya Nomura
Credit: Kingdom Hearts Via YouTube

Kingdom Hearts ReMIND was recently released on the PlayStation 4, adding an all new story to the world of Kingdom Hearts 3. Unlike the Final Mix versions of the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, which added onto the main story, this is a standalone adventure that takes place after the actual game.

Now, with the DLC officially released, fans are obviously curious as to the future of the franchise. After all, it was confirmed before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 that this would not be the final installment of the popular series.

In a recent Q&A interview, game director Tetsuya Nomura revealed some interesting information regarding what is to come for Kingdom Hearts.

“We’ll need some more time as far as the mainline Kingdom Hearts goes,” Nomura said. “We already have two new teams in motion, separate from Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. One title from one of them will come sooner than expected. ReMIND’s title screen is a foundation for it.”

Of course, we already know what one of those teams is working on. It was recently announced that an all-new mobile game will be coming from the Kingdom Hearts team that will focus on series antagonist Xehanort. It is currently known as Project Xehanort. However, it is interesting that Square Enix has more than one kettle on the fire when it comes to expanding the Kingdom Hearts story.

The next Kingdom Hearts story is sure to be very different from what fans have come to expect from this series up until now. Kingdom Hearts 3 wraps up what Nomura once referred to as the “Xehanort Seeker of Darkness Saga.” That means these new games are going to focus on building to whatever comes next in the story.

This is not new for the Kingdom Hearts series. There was a gap of nearly 15 years between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3. In that time, Square released several side games that proved to be integral to the plot. These games were released via mobile, on the 3DS, the PlayStation Portable, and eventually re-released for the PlayStation 4.

So, while this news may be exciting, fans should not be holding their breath for Kingdom Hearts 4 anytime soon. After all, Kingdom Hearts 2 came out for the PlayStation 2 and then skipped an entire console generation before coming out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Kingdom Hearts ReMIND DLC is available now for the PlayStation 4. It will be releasing on the Xbox One on February 25, 2020.