K/DA Confirmed A Collaboration With Twitter’s Seraphine For A New Upcoming Album To Be Released Later

K/DA Confirmed A Collaboration With Twitter’s Seraphine For A New Upcoming Album To Be Released Later
Credit: Remus via YouTube

League of Legends’ virtual K-pop group K/DA and rumored champ Seraphine will be collaborating on an upcoming album, they announced.

Both parties confirmed the assumptions on Twitter today, explaining that the collab is “coming soon.” Seraphine explained that she’ll work with K/DA to “produce their album” and will be featured on an upcoming track.

A picture of the five musicians was posted as well, with Seraphine wearing Akali’s jacket “cause [she] was cold.”

The news alluded to several times over the last couple of weeks. Seraphine tweeted that she had some “good news” last month but couldn’t share it yet. She also released a cover for K/DA’s 2018 hit, “POP/STARS.”

While there’s no exact date on the album’s release, it’ll likely come out around the same time as the 2020 World Championship. Fans got a sneak peek of the new K/DA album on Aug. 27 with the pre-release single “THE BADDEST.”

It’s unclear when or if Riot plans on releasing Seraphine as a champion, but the marketing behind her is definitely unique. Riot created social media accounts for the rumored champion and produced several songs under her name.

Not much is known about League‘s potential next two champions, but the “sensational mage” description Riot provided earlier this year does match up with various clues on social media. Accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud all have the name Seraphine with “seradotwav” as its handle and were created around June 2020.

In Seraphine’s Twitter bio, she describes herself as “an aspiring songwriter and producer” who has “big dreams,” which lines up with the “sensational” description. She mostly posts pictures of herself, retweeting various art and posting some of her new music. In one of her pictures, she’s posing with a cat but also has a plush version of Tibbers in the background.

Earlier this year, Riot gave a couple of hints regarding the next two champions that would be joining League in 2020. One was a “thrillseeking marksman” that many people believe will be named Samira, while the other would be a “sensational mage.”

This title could be given to a musically talented star that steps onto Summoner’s Rift. This cover is one of the first times that people have seen Seraphine linked directly to League content. Yesterday, the artist posted a snippet of her cover, which caused people to immediately think that she would be collaborating with K/DA. This was confirmed recently and the album should be released in time for Worlds.