League of Legends Season 10, Preseason: Rise of Elements Details from PBE

League of Legends Season 10, Preseason: Rise of Elements Details from PBE
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

A few days ago, the developer of League of Legends, Riot Games, has launched the gameplay component of preseason ten onto the Public Beta Environment(‘PBE’) Realm. ‘The changes will be held on PBE for an extended period of 4 weeks to iron out most issues, ‘ added Riot Scruffy in the Dev Corner.

The community thinks that the changes will give more power to the bot and jungle side of the map. As a result, the developers took note and noted that, while bot lane will be more powerful early on, they’re looking to shift more power later onto the top laners.

As a result, the preseason launched on the PBE with the following changes:

1) Elemental drakes – the first three will always be unique, unlike the current situation. On the live patch, you could have Infernal(first)>Infernal(second)>Infernal(third), on PBE, this is no longer possible. On the PBE, you can have Infernal(first)>Ocean(second)>Cloud(third) or Mountain or any combination of them, they are not repeated any longer though until the fourth dragon.

2) Rift Herald – it will spawn earlier by two minutes, at the eight-minute mark instead of the ten-minute mark. On top of that, it will have a significantly lower cast time, from four seconds to one second, removing the counterplay potential of denying it. Due to the changes above and the intention to give more power to the top side of the map, the developer noted down that Rift Herald will respawn once after six minutes after it has died to provide more opportunities to use it to siege towers.

3) Minion experience – there will be a two percent increase for the experience received by those who are in a solo lane (mid lane and top lane) and a two-point four percent decrease for the duo lane, which is bot lane. Players will hit level 2 at the same interval regardless if they’re in a solo lane or duo lane.

4) Jungle – overall, four percent decrease, as a result of their significant influence on the outcome of the game from the early stages, less if the catch-up experience is on (happens when you’re a lower level compared to the average level in the game). Krugs experience was nerfed, and gromp experience was buffed, this will allow junglers to choose to start at either blue or red buff now, clearing any side of the map will now grant level 3.

5) Keystone rework “Kleptomancy” – kleptomancy gave too many randomly generated items, which made the lane unfun for opponents, especially when the opponent would get a bag of gold and get a gold advantage out of thin air. On top of that, not many champions use this rune, it is mostly abused on ranged top laners who receive free items which can be converted into even more gold when they base. Now the keystone will randomly cycle through all keystones, and once used, it will give you a new one after 7 seconds. You cannot get the same keystone until five roles have passed.

6) Items – Zz’Rot Portal, Ohmwrecker, Raptor Cloak, removed due to them rarely being considered, only in niche situations. Shurelya’s Reverie is reworked to not overlap with other move speed items, Righteous Glory. Kirchei Shard is buffed; damage from the passive procs will stack once again (for example, Rapid Fire Cannon and Statik Shiv).

Overall, the changes look great and are praised by the community for keeping the game fresh and dynamic, stay tuned in the following weeks for additional changes on the Public Beta Environment.