PopCap Studios Celebrates High Ratings And Launch Download Milestones For Dungeon Dogs Mobile Game

PopCap Studios Celebrates High Ratings And Launch Download Milestones For Dungeon Dogs Mobile Game
Credit: Dungeon Dogs via YouTube

PopCap Studios recently released its idle mobile game Dungeon Dogs on August 19. The game was featured on both the App Store’s “Games We Love” section plus the Play Store’s “New and Updated Games” category soon after its launch. Along with the features, the studio has announced additional major milestones for the game.

Since launch, Dungeon Dogs has accumulated over 250,000 downloads. The game is also doing well with player reviews and has an average rating of 4.8. The studio states that the new game is on course to be its most successful IP to date.

PopCap Studios is also the developer of the popular Castle Cats mobile game. Since its launch, Castle Cats has achieved over five million downloads. Dungeon Dogs expands upon the Castle Cats universe but is more geared towards dog lovers.

Dungeon Dogs has gameplay similar to Castle Cats but in a different environment and with a new story. Rebels Lyra, Ken, and Poppy are working together to take down the evil cat king in their kingdom of Lupinia. The cat king is treating the canine population like second-class citizens, and the rebels have to put a stop to it.

The game is an idle RPG, so players can enjoy the rewards without having to keep their devices on at all times. Players select their canine heroes and then let them battle. When players are ready to return, they can collect their prized loot.

At launch, over 45 different canine heroes were made available. Each hero has unique skills, characteristics, and outfits. Additional heroes will be added regularly as well to expand players’ collection. In addition to unique heroes, players can collect over 100 different cosmetic items to further customize the pups.

Dungeon Dogs has over 85 quests at launch, with more events planned for the future. Seasonable and holiday-themed events are in development, so players will continue to have content to return to. Occasionally, celebrity pet events will be hosted as well, similar to Castle Cats.

Dilaram Massimova, CEO of PocApp Studios stated:

It’s been an incredibly strong start for Dungeon Dogs and with so many mobile gamers downloading the game, as well as the support of our community, we’re incredibly humbled to receive so much attention, so fast.

PopCap Studios is also interested in user-created content like fanart. Players are free to submit ideas and suggestions that may be added to the game.

Dungeon Dogs is a free-to-play mobile game. There are some additional in-app purchases like a “Subscription Double Gold-XP Boost” to double the gold and loot earned from quests.

Dungeon Dogs is available on iOS, Android, and the Amazon App Store now.