James Cameron Has Entrusted Ubisoft With The Task Of Bringing Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora To Video Games

James Cameron Has Entrusted Ubisoft With The Task Of Bringing Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora To Video Games
Credit: gmaer

There will be a tie-in game for the impending Avatar sequel, and it’s called Avatar: The Frontiers of Pandora. There were supposed to be major delays, but those were caused by unforeseen obstacles and the subsequent movie releases being held up. However, as its release approaches, Cameron has spoken out on the next Avatar game, The Way of Water.

In an interview, Cameron gushes to IGN about how impressed he is with Ubisoft’s game development. Continuing, he explains that he is not getting involved at all. They are experts in their field and know what will work in their market, so I don’t try to direct them. Our only concern is that they stay true to Na’vi tradition and the RDA’s actions on Pandora, so we keep a tight check on them.

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Additionally, Cameron’s vision for the sequel films is reflected in the game. In the director’s ideal world, a new film would come out every two or three years. However, whether the games will mirror this is still unknown.

The filmmaker admits, “On their side, Ubisoft is likely to push back a little bit, and I haven’t drilled down to exactly what the situation is with that.” However, at this time, our primary goal is to provide a repeatable, accessible setting in which to release a series of sequels. In addition, he stated that eventually, this might be added to Disney’s other theme parks, like the World of Pandora in Florida.

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Frontiers of Pandora, like the movies, has experienced its share of setbacks throughout the years. Although it was unveiled in 2017, we didn’t get to see any gameplay until the 2021 Ubisoft Forward. Massive Entertainment‘s studio head resigned soon after the game was announced, and the company has been silent ever since. As a result, we still don’t have a story or a gameplay clip as of July 2022, and the game has been pushed out until 2023–2024.