Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: The Gathering Storm Expansion ‘Brings The Game To An Exciting Phase But At A Steep Cost’

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: The Gathering Storm Expansion ‘Brings The Game To An Exciting Phase But At A Steep Cost’
Credit: Sid Meier's Civilization via YouTube

The recent DLC expansion from Civilization VI, the Gathering Storm has been one with a lot of good reviews. The new DLC expands on the usual gameplay with more choices, new ways to be victorious, and a fair way to fight wars. This means those into Civilization VI may want to pick up one now. However, the price tag may come as a shocker to many.

Expansion Updates
The new expansion adds various new leaders and nations for players throughout the centuries. Also, the unique abilities that each of the new leaders have accounted for some map build that can be beneficial and dangerous if not appropriately employed. For instance, players using their countries’ unique abilities to create new farms can lead to striving from other clans because of their distance. However, Civilization VI did an excellent job of balancing the skills given to every player, so no one has an unfair advantage, yet it still adds to the excitement.

Furthermore, out of the new updates other than the new civilizations is the new warmonger feature that was built to add damages to balance the war game experience. This means no more battle hunger for other nations as they try to take a city for the sake of retaliating after being invaded by a different empire. However, it wasn’t always like this regardless of the scenario, fighting war and conquering cities from foes typically painted the player in a bad light along with the rulers. For that reason, the damages/grievances system supports player transparency and a fairground when it comes to the war side of the game.

New Game’s Diplomacy
Also, there’s a new shift in the game’s experience, which is a new diplomacy system that carries specific points that is a substitute for a currency system to use for those who strive to have victory and also in the original order—the World Congress.

This new system, World Congress, gets the whole empire in one place to vote on matters that can help a particular empire or stampede their progress. While having the diplomacy option makes players friendly to all and still get to victory, the other system, congress, leaves players wanting. So, in essence, the strategic points are seen as more important in the world congress. This can make voting in the world congress of no use.

Another significant change in this new expansion is the change in the weather system and the map. Telling from the name ‘The Gathering Storm’ one can understand how the environment plays a vital role in this new DLC expansion. From varying degrees of natural disasters that make players life in the game tough and also the climate change caused by the way, players build their empires.

Comparing with today’s society makes the game more annoying. The reason is that the environmental aspect of the game adds a certain degree of hardship to the game that got its inspiration for the real world because of the current trouble facing us.

With all the cool features mentioned, the point is there’s enough value equivalent to the cost in this new DLC. Still, there are more challenges to face in the game, which can be worth the cost if seen in that light. Now, what’s the price? $40 this. The cost seems to be a hard pill to swallow. However, players dedicated to Civilization VI know is worth the price, so players interested should give it a try, until then Happy Gaming!