Fortnite Gamers Have Been Tasked With The Autumn Queen’s Community Challenge And They Should Pick Up The Pace

Fortnite Gamers Have Been Tasked With The Autumn Queen’s Community Challenge And They Should Pick Up The Pace
Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games have given Fortnite gamers another reason to stay on the couch this Thanksgiving weekend.

A community event has been launched, tasking players to complete the Autumn Queen’s Quest. Gamers have until 8 pm ET on December 1st to reach the objective:

This is a community-wide event. Every player will be contributing towards the Autumn Queen’s Quest. All in all, the community must earn 2,500,000,000. Yep, 2.5 billion points.

Players will earn points every time they perform one of these actions:
• 1 point per 1 HP healed – Heal allies with the Bandage Bazooka
• 2 points – Revive a teammate
• 5 points – Play a match with a friend

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with friends and family, and the way to earn points for this challenge reflects that. To earn points, players must perform an action that interacts with a teammate, and better yet, a friend.

As mentioned earlier, this is a community event. Every point earned by a single player will be added to the community’s total.

If the community manages to complete the Autumn Queen’s Quest, each eligible player will earn the free reward, the aesthetic Falling Leaf Wrap. Check out the wrap in the embedded tweet or the thumbnail of this post.

For a Fortnite player to be eligible, they must play at least one match between 10 am ET on November 28th and the ending of the quest, 8 pm ET, on December 1st. No freeloaders!

At the time of this writing, the Fortnite community has two days, four hours, and five minutes left to conquer this goal. And with the number of people that play Fortnite, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Well, apparently, things aren’t going as quickly as one would think. The pace that players are on will make it a tight race against the clock.

Right now, the community hasn’t even cracked 1 billion points. It is currently sitting at 946, 789, 499, at the time of this writing. There are two days to hit the goal, but players will want to prioritize it if they’re going to get the gun wrap.

The weekend is historically a busy time on Fortnite, especially since most of the demographic are high school students. That means that the pace could double or triple.

There is also something about Fortnite players and their need for new accessories. The micro-transactions on Fortnite are insanely popular, so if players have a chance to get something for free, they will most likely do everything they can to get it.