Humble Bundle Offers Indie Game Gone Home, Plus Over 60 Titles For Free

Humble Bundle Offers Indie Game Gone Home, Plus Over 60 Titles For Free
Credit: Humble Bundle

The interactive exploration simulator Gone Home will be among the free games currently offered in Humble Bundle. The game is touted as among the best indie games for PC players.

The Fulbright Company creates the game. The game creators are veterans from the BioShock series. They were also the team who created the story for Minerva’s Den.

It takes the players to a scene in 1995. The date was June 7th. The main character, Katie Greenbriar, which the players will take the role of, has arrived home from work abroad.

But players will find the house empty with only a note on the door. The note is telling Katie to not look for her sister named Sam. That’s when the search for clues to unravel the mysteries will take off.

Gone Home, however, is not that creepy type of mystery. It was described in reviews as something that some players can relate to. It’s a personal story about Katie’s sister who grew up without a sister to talk to.

There’s a big house that probably feels empty with only three people left. The sister was a teenager growing up with parents who probably have a hard time living with each other.

Based on some players, the game is both “epic” and “personal” and can reflect a person’s life. It has the story of a struggling family who is facing uncertainties and life changes.

The game features a lot of interactive exploration of playing cassette tapes on the drawer or reading notes. It’s finding stories behind the things left inside the mansion. It also allows players to play at their own pace.

Players can come back anytime to There will be no puzzles to solve and no combat to expect in Gone Home.

The game is set in the 1990s and the interests of the characters in the story, particularly Sam, highlight it. Sam is projected as a teenage girl who likes to dye her hair and play the Street Fighter. She also listens to Kurt Cobain.

Gone Home has an original soundtrack created by Chris Remo. A review posted on Steam says the soundtrack offers “music of the journal entries.”

There are over 60 titles up for grabs in the Humble Monthly Trove. Humble Monthly subscribers can enjoy these games for free. Gone Home will be available for download until May 5.

Once players download it, they can keep the game.