World War Z Sold Over 250,000 Copies After Going Exclusive On Epic Store

World War Z Sold Over 250,000 Copies After Going Exclusive On Epic Store
Credit: World War Z

Saber Interactive’s third-person shooter game, World War Z sold a total sales of over a million dollars. This figure from the revenues on PC and consoles only covers the game’s first week in the market.

The WWZ team was so excited and announced their success over Twitter last Tuesday. The game was launched last April 16 and is now available on PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Matthew Karch, chief executive of Saber Interactive, spoke to VentureBeat and said they were surprised with the turnout.

In a press statement, Karch even described the sales as “way above” their expectations. He also credited the Epic Games Store where the game sold over 250,000 copies. More than a quarter of the sales were recorded from the Epic Games Store exclusive sales.

According to Karch, World War Z sales performed well outside the US market. He said both their US and EU markets were equally strong. Karch added that on the Epic Games Store only a quarter of the sales were from the US market. The rest of it is distributed from other markets.

World War Z features a campaign mode where up to four players could work together to deal with the zombies. There is also a “PvPvZ” multiplayer mode. This is where players will compete against another group of players plus the zombie hordes. The zombies in the game are the faster kind.

Based on their tweet, the team behind World War Z promised to come up with more content soon. They also said that they are working on some bug fixes reported during the early days of the game. Saber also said they are working on private matches as they replied to one Twitter user.

The game was definitely well-received by eager players of apocalyptic games and the World War Z movie.

At one time, the game developers even monitored around 70,000 people were playing the game across all platforms simultaneously. Karch said there were “very similar distribution” on Xbox, PS4, and PC.

It’s probably a win-win situation for both the storefront and Saber Interactive. Epic tweeted that they clinched their “record weekend.”

Thanks to their distribution of World War Z, Metro Exodus, The Division 2, Anno 1800, and other games. Some say that the performance of World War Z would tell that not launching games on Steam is not bad.

This would probably be true in terms of the sales figures of game developers.