Destiny 2: The Dawning Winter Holiday Trailer Released – Event Begins December 15th, 2020

Destiny 2: The Dawning Winter Holiday Trailer Released – Event Begins December 15th, 2020
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

The Dawning Seasonal event for Destiny 2 is set to return soon, with the event kicking off in only a couple of days on December 15th. The team over at Bungie have released a short teaser trailer to showcase some of what the event has to offer.

The Dawning is free to all players of the game and features various seasonal rewards. The exact details of the rewards haven’t been leaked so far, but there are quite a few tidbits that we can glean from the Bungie website as well as the trailer.

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The Youtube description of the event offers the following information,

“Even the biting chill of Europa can’t freeze the warm hearts of Guardians during this special time of year. Eva Levante welcomes you to the Tower to learn a new recipe, to find an unexpected gift or two, and maybe shred a rail in your tricked-out Sparrow while you’re at it. Gear up, gift up, and stay frosty, because The Dawning has returned.”

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It’s hard to watch the trailer and not feel a bit of the hype, especially with jovial Saint-14 narrating:

Firstly, what exactly will players do during this event? It seems that Eva Levante will again return to the Tower to preside over the event. Using the holiday recipe, and doing activities to gather a host of ingredients, guardians can make use of the “Holiday Oven,” to acquire seasonal rewards.

Players will be able to earn Dawning Spirit by completing missions, bounties, and the aforementioned recipes. There will be both personal and community goals tied into this measure of holiday cheer, with increased rewards offered by Eva Levante the more guardians spread the festivity.

There is a new exotic ship available, which interestingly enough offers some customizable features. Generating Dawning Spirit will unlock the various aesthetic aspects of the ship, and will allow players to customize three selectable engine effects, a unique transmat effect, and an animated shader.

A new legendary fusion rifle was also revealed, known as the Glacioclasm. Despite the event being the season of goodwill, the guardians still know how to bring the pain with this newly revealed weapon.

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As expected there will also be seasonal cosmetics available for purchase at Tess for premium currency. An elf-themed Ghost shell was revealed, alongside a host of thematic weapon ornaments. Hopefully, most of the items will be available to earn in-game, but we won’t know exactly what’s included until the event launches.

That about wraps up what we currently know about the Destiny 2 Dawning Event for 2020. Make sure to check back in on December 15th for the full breakdown of holiday activities and loot.