Destiny 2: New Beyond Light DLC Deep Stone Crypt Raid World First Winners

Destiny 2: New Beyond Light DLC Deep Stone Crypt Raid World First Winners
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

For elite teams and players of Destiny 2, the most exciting part about the new DLC and content release is the race for the world’s first! Fireteams from all over ventured into the Deep Stone Crypt and on November 22nd the race was officially called.

First, just what exactly is the Deep Stone Crypt, and why does it matter who was first to complete it? To start, raids are end game activities within Destiny 2 that are considered pinnacle content for PvE. A raid team needs to consist of a full squad of six elite members that have great communication and coordination. Raids are known for both challenging bosses and puzzle mechanics.

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As such, whenever a new raid is released, Bungie and the community all hold a race to see who can complete it before anyone else. The world’s first title has been going back for a while and is a test of a fireteam’s skill and coordination. Even if you don’t finish first, completing a raid within the first 24-hours will often net exclusive rewards.

The team over at Bungie took time to officially review the runs and called the race for clan Luminious on their official Twitter page. They also released a news post on their website a bit later with more information on the team members and just what rewards they would be getting.

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The first bit of information is the names of the winners. The following players all participated in this raid event with their clan, and had the honor of finishing first in the world:

  • Aoterra
  • Claw
  • Flux
  • Schendzie
  • SiegeDancers
  • Sotosolice

The team completed the run with a time of 5h 29m 10s. This time will undoubtedly be improved upon in the future, but either way, there is only one team who can claim to be first.

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According to the news post, each member of this fireteam will be receiving a custom World First Raid Title with their name on it. This is of course in addition to the bragging rights that come from winning this sort of competition.

Manh other teams also received a bit of a consolation prize, in the form of a coveted 24-hour emblem. This exclusive reward was open to all fireteams that completed a run of the Deep Stone Crypt within the first 24 hours after launch (as the name suggests.)

For those who participated in this challenge, we say good job and better luck next time! With future Destiny 2 content, there will be plenty more chances to become the world’s first. While you are waiting, be sure to check back here for all the latest Destiny 2 news and updates.