Destiny 2 Beyond Light: New Stasis Subclass Gameplay Trailer Revealed For Upcoming DLC

Destiny 2 Beyond Light: New Stasis Subclass Gameplay Trailer Revealed For Upcoming DLC
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

Following the reveal of the three year DLC roadmap for Destiny 2, players have been looking forward to any hints and reveals for the next upcoming DLC: Beyond Light. The culmination of various story threads seems to be approaching with the announcement of the new Stasis series of subclasses.

The stasis subclass seems to be an ice-themed class, in keeping with the various elemental themed classes that currently exist. More exciting however is the lore tie in with the mysterious force known as the Darkness. It seems that this new subclass will be flavored as the player finally harnessing the great power that the Darkness seems to offer.

It seems the team at Bungie has been listening to the eager fans, and recently released a gameplay trailer showcasing some abilities of the new subclass. Feel free to watch the full video down below:

The warlock subclass will be called Shadebinder, and the trailer reads that the subclass will be able to “Fracture with Frost.” It seems the ice will be fully utilized with crowd control type abilities, which will be an interesting option for the Warlock specifically. Also included is that warlocks will be able to wield an impressive looking staff, which seems to be a perfect fit.

For Hunters, the subclass will be called Revenant, and the text reads, “Bring the Storm.” This subclass will use twin ice picks, which offer a cool look aesthetically. These weapons can also be thrown into a group of enemies and deal damage. They are also seemingly able to deal AOE damage with weather-themed abilities.

Last but not least is the Titan Behemoth, which the trailer says can “Crash like an Avalanche.” This bruiser of a subclass can release shards of ice and frost in three straight lines, dealing damage and freezing enemies in their tracks. They also come with an ice-encrusted fist to destroy enemies the old fashioned way.

The abilities showcased appear to be very powerful, although much of that is due to the cinematic nature of the trailer. While it is titled gameplay trailer, it seems to be mainly focused on giving just a glimpse of the new subclasses and potential uses for them in combat.

Hopefully, before the DLC comes out, more information will be revealed about the specific abilities and mechanics of these new subclasses, as the Destiny community is always hungry for more new content. Make sure to check back here for all the latest news as it comes on Destiny 2: Beyond Light.