The Fast-Paced Shooter Diabotical Is Now Available On The Epic Games Store

The Fast-Paced Shooter Diabotical Is Now Available On The Epic Games Store
Credit: BBKDRAGOON via YouTube

Diabotical is a type of arena shooter with fast-paced action and vibrant environments. It’s officially available on the Epic Games Store right now and if you’re a little short on cash, don’t worry. It’s completely free.

If you’re a PC gamer, you can jump in and start enjoying the fun shooter action right away. You’ll get to become an Eggbot, which unsurprisingly is shaped like an egg. Doesn’t sound like the most intimidating opponent, but wait until you see these bots in action.

For a game that’s completely free, there are a lot of multiplayer modes. These include Aim Arena, MacGuffin, and Wipeout. Each one presents a unique challenge, like the Aim Arena. It’s a 2v2 round-based mode where each player has two lives and spawns with a complete loadout. After the round, a new arena is chosen.

MacGuffin is pretty much like capture the flag. Players try to bring the MacGuffin to their base at which point they’ll earn coins. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins.

These are just a couple of modes planned but already, it looks like there is plenty of variety. Whatever type of arena shooter experience you’re looking for, odds are you’ll find it in Diabotical.

One of the more unique aspects of this shooter is players all have access to Weeballs. They’re like grenades that can be used for different things. Some are for healing and others are for smoke.

There’s even a map editor that the community can use to design their own stages. That should give rise to hours of fun creating. Even if you don’t want to mess around with the tools, you can still access others’ creations and enjoy gripping battles on constantly changing levels.

As far as customization, players can use stickers. They can be placed on Eggbots in different ways, whether it’s a pair of eyes, nose, or some facial markings. The sticker options are limitless and that should give you plenty to mess around with for a truly unique-looking Eggbot.

Again, for a game that’s free, Diabotical has a lot going for it right now. It hasn’t been out for very long on the Epic Games Store, but players have remarked positively to it thus far.

If the developer keeps the modes pumping and fixes bugs where they’re needed, then the future is bright for this throwback arena shooter. It has an interesting concept and the visuals are vibrantly detailed.