Destiny 2 Xur: Final Visit From This Exotic Vendor Before Solstice Of Heroes Ends 9/4-9/8

Destiny 2 Xur: Final Visit From This Exotic Vendor Before Solstice Of Heroes Ends 9/4-9/8
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

This week in Destiny 2, the Solstice of Heroes event is coming to a close during the next Tuesday weekly reset. This means that any last-minute grinding should be done today and over the Labor Day holiday.

Luckily for those procrastinating players, the exotic vendor Xur is back in town. He has a new set of wares to peruse, and maybe even grab something useful for the remainder of the event this year.

To start off, Xur this week is located on Nessus. In the Watcher’s Grave area of the map, you can find Xur located conveniently on Calus’ golden barge. He is standing towards the back of the vessel, and shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

For the weapon of the week, Xur is currently carrying the Merciless fusion rifle. This weapon packs quite a punch and is best used as a DPS weapon against a single high-health target. The perk Conserve Momentum makes non-lethal hits with projectiles make this weapon charge faster until a kill is achieved. This is why it excels for boss DPS, or perhaps even recovering from a missed headshot in PvP.

Warlocks can grab the Wings of Sacred Dawn chest piece. This is a useful chest piece if you enjoy the Dawnblade subclass. The exotic perk makes it to where while gliding you can suspend temporarily in mid-air. This comes with some benefits like improving accuracy, reducing flinch, and increasing damage resistance. This also makes you a bit of a sitting duck however, so use the ability with caution.

Titans this week can emphasize teamwork if they want to grab the Aeon Swift gauntlets. When you melee with this exotic, nearby teammates get additional energy for their class abilities. This perk also stacks with other teammates wearing this exotic, so make sure to let your friends know when you plan to rock these gauntlets.

Finally, the Foe Tracers are for sale for Hunters this week. This helmet is a solid PvP option and can give you a tactical advantage over the most troublesome foes. The perk Relentless Tracker both marks targeted enemies and increases damage to those marked enemies that are low health.

That about wraps up the information on the Agent of the Nine for this week. Xur returns with a new host of weapons and armor each Friday, so make sure to check back here when the time comes. Also, make sure to check back for all the latest Destiny 2 news and information.