Destiny 2- Last Week For Summer Solstice Event During August 20, Weekly Reset

Destiny 2- Last Week For Summer Solstice Event During August 20, Weekly Reset
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

This weekly reset is of particular note for players, as it is the last week to complete any Summer Solstice activities. While the grind for the armor comes to a close, players that want access to the legendary sparrow event reward will have to keep up the hard work and grab all three sets of purple Solstice armor. Aside from this, there is the usual host of weekly reset activities, and also the introduction of cross-save.

Starting with the new feature, the aforementioned cross-save will go live tomorrow on August 21st. PC players that wish to take advantage of this feature will need to link their accounts and Steam account, which can be done at any time. Players on console will only be able to enable cross-play when it goes live tomorrow.

Interested players should note that until the game goes free-to-play on October 1st, they would need to purchase Destiny 2 on the new platform in order to play. Once New Light is out, players will have access to the base game, and the Warmind and Curse of Osiris DLC. Since licenses are platform-specific, a new purchase of Forsaken and newer content will be required.

Now for the usual content; the Dreaming City is in a medium curse week. As such, Petra can be found in the Divalian Mists, and the Oracle Engine quest is available. The ascendant challenge for this week is the Shattered Ruins which can be found in the Spine of Keres. Finally, for the Blind Well players will face off against Hive enemies, before finally defeating the Plague boss Cragur.

For the other roaming activities, Damkath, the Mask can be found during Escalation Protocol and has a chance of dropping the IKELOS_SR_v1.0.1 (Sniper Rifle). This could be useful to note if you are trying to fill your collections before Shadowkeep drops in October.

Additionally, the flashpoint for this week is located on the Tangled Shore. Make sure to complete the heroic adventures for this location if you still need to for the Wayfinder title. For PvP fans, Showdown will be available in the Crucible for the duration of the week.

Finally, moving onto the Nightfall for this week, the options are Exodus Crash, Tree of Probabilities, and The Corrupted. Some are expressing discontent with the return of Tree of Probabilities, as it has been popping up often in the playlist. The good news is the inclusion of The Corrupted, as one of the loot rewards for this Nightfall is needed for the Cursebreaker title.