Grand Theft Auto Online’s Diamond Casino Heist Is Now Live With No Need For PS Plus Subscription Until December 22

Grand Theft Auto Online’s Diamond Casino Heist Is Now Live With No Need For PS Plus Subscription Until December 22
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

Way back in July, Rockstar gave us a new addition to Grand Theft Auto Online‘s arsenal with the addition of Diamond Casino and Resort, a fun place for gamers to relax, hang out, and blow stuff up. There were plenty of nice perks available for the player to find there. Now it’s time to find the casino some new management and maybe earn a buck or two in the process.

In the Diamond Casino Heist, the player will get the chance to act on a mysterious text message they received from Cheng Family Holdings to break into the secure casino vault and steal every last dime. The player will follow Georgina Cheng and the mastermind Lester Crest to pull an Ocean’s Eleven style heist. This is sure to be one of the most ambitious events for the Grand Theft Auto series, and now, at least until December 22nd, the heist is completely free to try for players without a PS Plus subscription.

The story, as explained on the Rockstar website, starts when the VP of Cheng Holdings, the aforementioned Georgina Cheng, asks the player to take down the wild family who owns the casino, the Duggans. You will then need to navigate a “network of nefarious resources… to take on an ambitious job.”

Rockstar claims that the heist set-up is so advanced that “the preparation options are near-limitless, and the take is off the charts.” It sounds like a lot of fun.

Players will need to choose between three separate methods to break into the vault. Each with its own set of different options. There is the “Silent & Sneaky” method, “The Big Con” method, or the “Aggressive” method. The Big Con sounds like the most fun. It involves disguises, set-ups, and fun interactions, while Aggressive style is exactly as it sounds: going in and shooting anything that moves.

Fun add-ons like this are pretty common for Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a long time now, and the Diamond Casino and Resort was just added last July. Even with Red Dead Online, the developer has continued to add more and more content to the game.

So this latest event, the Diamond Casino Heist, is just further proof that Rockstar is committed to developing their games long after they have been created. To be honest, this sort of thing signals a whole new world for the future of the gaming industry. Things couldn’t be getting any better.