Wasteland 2 Is Now Being Offered For Free Through GOG For A Limited Time

Wasteland 2 Is Now Being Offered For Free Through GOG For A Limited Time
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There are a lot of platforms offering a ton of free games. It’s December so the giving spirit is alive and well. One of these platforms is GOG.com. Right now, PC users can pick up the popular Wasteland 2 from inXile Entertainment. However, this deal is a limited time offering. 48 hours is the window that interested gamers have before this great title will no longer be available for free.

Considering that Wasteland 3 is set to come out next year, this is the perfect game to tide you over. It really has a lot going for it. For one, there is a ton of gameplay to dive deep into. There are — in fact — a total of 80 hours to enjoy from start to finish. That’s plenty of time to experience the post-apocalyptic themes that are so prevalent.

The survivors of the Wasteland are doing their best to make it through each day. It’s up to your squad of Desert Rangers to preserve justice and fend off the bevvy of threats this game throws at you left and right. Even more impressive is the ripple effect that’s incorporated in Wasteland 2. The decisions your squad make have an impact on the remaining survivors. Even simple acts can ripple over, setting a course of events that you probably didn’t originally foresee. That’s what makes this game so exciting because you never know really what to expect.

If you like variety, then Wasteland 2 is an amazing addition to your PC collection. There are literally hundreds of characters you’ll get to manage. Every single one has unique characteristics that make you appreciate all of the details that were put into this game.

This is also a thinking man’s game. You won’t be able to come half-ready into battle. Every decision you make on the battlefield counts for something, and sometimes, you scrape by just barely for the next wave of attacks. The entire time, you’re thinking about ways to adjust your squad to make them better suited for all that’s up ahead.

That’s not all, either. Those who visit GOG and pick up Wasteland 2 also will get a copy of the original Wasteland. It’s the title that started it all for this beloved series. It’s the perfect two-pack to experience before hitting the third installment hard when it releases early next year. That’s quite the value that you don’t often see from major developers today. Act now before it’s too late.