Doinb Becomes The First Player To Obtain LPL Residency In League Of Legends

Doinb Becomes The First Player To Obtain LPL Residency In League Of Legends
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

Fun Plus Phoenix announced yesterday on their social media that the LPL approved the petition to change Doinb’s residency to LPL.

Going forward, Doinb will no longer take up an import slot, and the team is free to import players for another role if it needs to.

The rule, sometimes informally known as ‘the import rule,’ is part of Riot’s interregional movement policy (IMP), and similar rules affect the majority of League of Legends’ official sanctioned leagues.

The announcement comes as an additional boon for Doinb during a remarkable season. After his team’s dramatic defeat of G2 Esports in the finals of the League of Legends World Championship earlier this year, the charismatic player saw his stock rise dramatically.

Over several months the mid laner has seen his popularity rise, amassing over 100,000 followers on Twitter in just a few months. He became famous for the Western scene with his dance streams, especially during the World Championship tournament. There was friendly banter between the G2 Esports ADC and Doinb on twitter, such as:

Doinb’s new residency has firmly cemented him as one of the LPL’s premier stars.

Furthermore, he’s in prime position to take advantage of his popularity and fame to leverage both a more lucrative contract and a possible spot on other LPL teams in the future. For now, though, Doinb is staying put. He’ll continue with FPX through the 2020 season as they look to repeat the success of this year.

While most Koreans who come to the region refuse to learn the language to be able to understand teammates better and have improved game plans, Doinb is one of those rare cases where the players put a lot of effort into integration. He became very fluent in Chinese over the years that even for natives, it is hard to distinguish the accent. Another Korean who is notorious for integrating into the Chinese scene is IG’s mid laner, Rookie.

History was made, and hopefully, more players follow this example. While joining another region and playing for the team seems easy at the start, integrating into the society, the culture, and adapting to the new team members and their values is much harder. Doinb proved that it was possible to set differences aside and to integrate, which allowed him to win a World Championship.

No one can predict if Doinb and his team will follow the same path of success as last year or if they will fail, but for now, the signs show only good things for the team, which maintained the entire World Championship roster.