Free DLC Is Now Available For Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Formerly Only Available In Candy Bar Promotion

Free DLC Is Now Available For Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Formerly Only Available In Candy Bar Promotion
Credit: Square Enix

Fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake can finally get their hands on some exclusive DLC for the game that was originally only available as part of a promotion.

What’s more, the DLC in question is 100% free on the PlayStation store.

This content contains five pieces of exclusive armor. They are the Midgar Bangle, the Shinra Bangle, the Corneo Armlet, the Superstar Belt, and the Mako Crystal.

“Want some free stuff?” Square Enix asked on the game’s official Twitter account. “You won’t have to pay a single gil to download these Final Fantasy VII Remake accessories from the PlayStation Store, so grab them now!”

These five pieces of armor are not entirely new to the game. They’re just becoming more accessible. Originally, they were rewards that players could earn by purchasing candy bars. Specific Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, and Crunch chocolate bars once contained codes that players could use to collect the exclusive gear.

The promotion began on March 3, 2020, over a full month before the game released. It continued until May 14, more than a month after the game first hit shelves on April 10. Since May 14, the five pieces of exclusive armor were no longer attainable.

The partnership created through this candy bar exclusive offer only ended  a few months ago, and now we have all of the content offered from it for free. It goes to show that promotional gear offers like this are often released to the masses eventually. Exclusive gear and content do not always remain exclusive.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a complete remake and retelling of the original 1997 PlayStation 1 classic title. It is the first game of a multi-chapter release promised by Square Enix. The company is taking one of the most iconic and beloved RPGs of all time and turning it into its own franchise, which is truly genius.

Work is already fully underway on the next chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The company is hoping to roll this title out in a much shorter timeframe than the previous game, which took a full five years to hit our consoles from its original announcement back at E3 2015.

At the moment, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, but that exclusivity period is relatively short. Square’s deal with Sony only extends for one year from the point of release. That means the game could possible release on the Xbox One and PC platforms sometime after April 10 2021.