New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer Is Released To Appeal To Gamers Who Missed Its April Release

New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer Is Released To Appeal To Gamers Who Missed Its April Release
Credit: Final Fantasy Via YouTueb

It feels weird to be saying this again, but Final Fantasy VII Remake has an all new trailer out, just a few days shy of the four month anniversary of the game’s April release.

The new trailer is intended for gamers who missed out on the release and coincides with a recent 34% drop in the game’s price.

“Got a friend who isn’t sure what Final Fantasy VII Remake is all about?” Square asked on the game’s official Twitter account. “We’ve got you covered. Get them to watch the latest video now.”

This new video is much different from the original trailers that we saw prior to the game’s release. It features a few quotes from reviews, calling the remake a Masterpiece, and then says “Welcome To Midgar,” in big bold letters.

The trailer showcases all four of the major playable characters in the game, showing off Cloud, calling him “the biggest sword.” It then shows Barrett, Tifa, and Aerith, calling them “the biggest backup.”

This second major marketing push is interesting, as the game was a huge financial success for Square Enix. The price drop in particular is going to make the game far more accessible to players. This is far different than certain competitor strategies.

Over at Nintendo, games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart, and others hold at their $59.99 price tag for almost the entire lifecycle of a console.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a complete retelling and reimagining of the original Final Fantasy VII, which released on the original Sony PlayStation back in 1997. The development team sees the remake more as a companion piece to the original game, and not so much a replacement.

In fact, in a lot of ways the game feels like both a sequel and a reboot at the same time, though we’re not going to go into spoilery specifics here on why.

This is only the first installment in what Square has promised to be a multi-part franchise. The first game focused entirely on Midgar, which was only a small portion of the original. Midgar was fleshed out into a full 30-hour game, adding new content and experiences to accentuate classic moments.

As of this writing, Final Fantasy VII Remake is out exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console, but that is not likely to be the case forever. Square’s exclusivity deal with Sony is only for a period of one year, so it is possible that we could see Final Fantasy VII Remake on Xbox One and PC sometime after April 10, 2020.