Post-Apocalyptic Civilization Simulator Simpocalypse Launches On Steam This Fall

Post-Apocalyptic Civilization Simulator Simpocalypse Launches On Steam This Fall
Credit: Simpocalypse via Steam

Publisher and developer Gamex Games has announced the release window for their upcoming post-apocalyptic civilization simulator Simpocalypse. Unlike some other civilization simulators, the game primarily relies on text to tell a story.

Simpocalypse takes place in a world where civilization has been completely destroyed. The player is one of the last survivors. The game begins with a struggle to collect basic supplies to build a shelter. Over time, players will become one of the primary players in building a new civilization in a post-apocalyptic world.

There are several random events to survive. They include weather conditions that will change the player’s growing settlements, either for better or worse. While players are trying to survive, they’ll also have to help others manage the settlement. Settlers have to band together to prevent fires, floods, or other unexpected events as time progresses.

Players who manage their settlements well can grow into cities. This will all depend on the player’s planing skills, as they have to scavenge for resources, keep everyone happy and healthy, plus keep everyone productive. Of course, not everyone who survived will want to retain peace. The player will have to create powerful armies to keep their people safe.

Players who are less successful will have unhappy settlers, lose population, or have citizens who will attempt to overthrow the already unstable government.

Simpocalypse contains several unlockable research trees. As players progress through the game, they can unlock new abilities to make more modern buildings, plus unleash new skills and perks for their settlers. Players will have to keep unlocking new skill trees to unlock hidden gems.

The game uses a unique Time Lapse feature that lets players control current time states. They can even speed up slower parts of the game whenever needed. When players aren’t playing Simpocalypse, time is stored and can be used for later.

Simpocalypse is the debut title from Gamex Games. Regarding the inspiration behind the game, the developer stated:

Initially, the idea was to have a very basic resource gathering game set in a post-apocalyptic world with various options to play/expand in different possible directions, such as with army expansions to dominate the world, diplomacy features –to take over the enemy territories via smarter ways or expanding it into economy directions with global market features to sell/buy the resources and products that your settlement generates.

In short, a combination of managerial, trading, tactical, strategy elements, with different options/game endings and various interesting ways of replayability, to make every run/play a unique experience!

A beta release is planned for July, with the first prototype available in August. The Steam and Android/iOS releases are planned for September/October, but this may change in the future.

Simpocalypse is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam in Fall 2020.