Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows Off Three Adorable Summons In A Series Of Tweets

Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows Off Three Adorable Summons In A Series Of Tweets
Credit: Square Enix

The summon Materia of Final Fantasy VII is a pretty big part of the game. These mystical red orbs can create monsters of might and magic, imposing creatures capable of upending scores of enemies, laying waste to the battlefield.

Apparently in Final Fantasy VII Remake, they can also create some adorable critters.

The game’s official Twitter account tweeted out three summon videos that show off some pint-sized powerhouses who will be appearing in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

We were able to get our first look at Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle, and Cactaur in action.

None of these summonable monsters are coming with the standard version of the game, though.

Chocobo Chick is going to be the most accessible of these three, being offered up by Square as a pre-order bonus. Anyone purchasing the standard game after release will not be able to get their hands on this feathered friend.

Carbuncle, an adorabe cat-like creature, is DLC that is only avaiable to those who have purchased the Digital Deluxe or 1st Class Edition of the game.

Cactaur will be made available for anyone who has purhcased any deluxe edition of Final Fantasy VII.

All three of these creatures are no strangers to the worlds of the various Final Fantasy games.

Chocobos practicaly go hand in hand with the Final Fantasy franchise. They’re as common as Moogles in many of the games.

Carbuncle has been featured before, most recently appearing in Final Fantasy XV.

Cactaur has been included in many previous Final Fantasy titles as a random enemy encounter. Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series will also remember an adorable run in with cactaur in the form of a walking path that Sora has to build to advance in the Toy Box world.

We’ve seen a lot about how summon spells are going to work in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Unlike the original game, where they appeared momentarily to fire off one attack and then leave, the summons in Final Fantasy VII Remake will stay and fight alongside the party for a period of time.

We first saw this feature in action during a gameplay video released by Square Enix. While Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith are fighting the sewer-based boss Abzu, Cloud summons Ifrit into battle. The creature then proceeds to fight alongside the party for a period of time, assaulting Abzu with both physical and fiery attacks.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases worldwide on April 10, 2020, excusively for the PlayStation 4.