First Information On Resident Evil 9 Speculation

First Information On Resident Evil 9 Speculation
Credit: comiccon

There is a fresh rumor regarding Resident Evil 9. Resident Evil and Monster Hunter are maybe Capcom‘s two largest franchises in 2022.

Resident Evil fans have a lot of material to choose from, thanks to Resident Evil Village, multi-media versions, and the impending Resident Evil 4 remake from Capcom.

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There is no reason to anticipate that this will alter. Resident Evil 9 should be expected because there is no reason to believe that this will alter.

In light of this, a fresh rumor asserts to have the first information regarding an unreleased and, as of yet, theoretical game. The first warning sign is that the rumor comes from an unnamed source. This anonymous source’s affiliation with 4chan is the second cautionary sign.

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You might occasionally hear someone moving toward you from behind in the woods. When you turn around, you frequently won’t see anyone, yet occasionally a monster might be after you.

The Barghest is allegedly the name of one of the game’s opening bosses. He is said to as “a giant black dog with a twist” while having a lower intelligence than the other monsters. A woman referred to as Glastig by the locals will be one of the key villains.

According to reports, she has a mournful green dress and gold trimmings, and her character design will probably win over fans the way Lady Dimitrescu did in Resident Evil Village.

Additionally, according to the leak, Halder, a female bioweapon, will aid the player. She will lead you around the forest and provide you with information about the city’s past if you show her any riches, hints, or puzzle pieces you come across.

She will also educate the gamer on other herb combos. The reason the monsters are unable to enter the secure zones is that they respect and dread this lady, just as Glastig does, and they will not approach her.