The Return Of Notorious Horror Game Resident Evil Comes Out Swinging With The Release Of Resident Evil 3

The Return Of Notorious Horror Game Resident Evil Comes Out Swinging With The Release Of Resident Evil 3
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

“So it goes” is the most famous quote from notorious author and bandit Kurt Vonnegut, and indeed, it is true that so it goes. But even he wouldn’t want to touch this one with a 20-foot pole. So it goes. Anyway, despite all the major hesitation coming from American’s greatest dead authors, Resident Evil 3 is running on schedule for its upcoming release to audiences all around the world, and we could not be more hyped for this bad boy to hit the ground running. Thank all the saints for this one, gamers.

Resident Evil 3 will bring gamers back to Racoon City to see things from the other side, and each and every one of us will need to decide if we are going to beat the virus this time or not. Good luck if you are one of those thinking you can play this game “to win.” Win what? That’s the unspoken question here, and traveling through a hellscape is the only way to get to the actual answer. So I’m not entirely sure if you will make it, but if you do make it, then congratulations my friends. Keep reading below to find out a few more things you will need to know about Resident Evil 3.

As you might have guessed, Resident Evil 3 follows the same duo from the previous games as they romp through the city of Racoon City and try their best to undo the evils of the past.

They will have to fight through a whole horde of monsters and other scary beasties just to be able to make it through to the end, and if they make it, you can surely expect all kinds of revelations that will surely knock your socks off. If this appeals to you then be sure to think about how best you can approach this titan of video gameplay.

Imagine a street festooned with ribbons and all kinds of other things. That is what you might expect on any street corner in America, but here, the festooning will be done with the entrails of the still living, and that is something you do not want to see! Even within a video game.

Here’s the deal, cosmonauts, if you have the gall to approach this one, then I recommend you go out and pick it up as soon as you possibly can. The longer you wait, the more nerve you will lose, and the more nerve you lose, the worse this will all become in the long run. So steel yourselves for the worst of it.