National Football League Players Are Caught Playing Madden While Taking Their Breaks On Television

National Football League Players Are Caught Playing Madden While Taking Their Breaks On Television
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The players in the National Football League (also known as the NFL) are well known for their ability at playing the sport of American football. It is a crazy and ruthless sport that often ends in violence and has one of the highest concussion rates in the world except for the other wild sport from which it was based upon, rugby. That is some compelling and interesting information, and it is some information we should not take so lightly.

If you think about it, the way these sports take a toll on the human body should make us want to prefer the intricacies and beauty of the modern video game, which is not only far more superior but is more interesting in general. The power of these sports such as football and rugby and soccer is that they rely on the inherent ability of the player themselves. This is not good because what it means is that the player is often going to be the one to bear the brunt of the trauma. Please, keep on reading below to find out more about this important topic.

Anyway, we recently caught a large group of so-called National Football League players out there playing the sport of video games. They were seen onscreen, playing the same game they were supposed to be playing on the screen of a television. The game they were playing? Madden 2019.

Madden has long been the domain of bro-game players, and we have all known it for quite some time. Unfortunately, this domain is well beyond our grasp and our understanding, but this is just the way the world works when we think about it. Anyway, if you want to know more about this, then you will have to do some truly deep research to get to the heart of the impetus driving this movement.

What we truly wish to know, however, is if these players are any better than the professional players who go out and compete in Madden tournaments for their favorite past-time. If they are not, then perhaps they are ultimately expendable, and we can move to a new phase of evolution in human history.

Fear not, my friends, this is not all crazy talk. The only thing to know is that Madden 2019 is one hell of a game, and if you like to play sports games, then just know that the players of the NFL will back you up one hundred percent. Good luck out there, friends.