Nintendo Entertainment Is Set To Release A Slew Of Mario Games Arriving For Series’ 35th Anniversary

Nintendo Entertainment Is Set To Release A Slew Of Mario Games Arriving For Series’ 35th Anniversary
Credit: Nintendo

As it turns out, there is going to be a 35th Anniversary of the Mario series coming up sometime this year. That’s right, the original Mario first came out into the game world in 1985 and we have been in love with it ever since its initial release. This powerhouse of a game has changed the entire world with its first introduction, and we are truly indebted to its grandeur and style. This is why we are all ultimately thankful for Nintendo Entertainment creating it and distributing it the way they did.

Well, that’s exactly why Nintendo Entertainment has decided to release a whole slew of Mario games to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the powerhouse we all know as Mario. Gamers around the world are celebrating what will definitely be the greatest period of their lives, and we should all show deference to the titans over at Nintendo Entertainment. Thank you guys so much. The rumor mills are turning, and we do not have full details yet, but please go ahead and read more below to figure out what we can expect from the unveiling.

All of this legendary news came from the British gaming website known only as Video Games Chronicle. According to their scoop, the titans over at Nintendo Entertainment will be releasing a whole stable of remastered titles coming straight out of the development studio. This is going to be every single Mario game ever created thrown into its most perfect remaster. That’s truly incredible.

There is, however, still one major question that is left unresolved. How can we know all of this? Where are they getting their information? It seems there is a mole embedded in Nintendo’s highest levels, and that spells bad news for the rest of us.

One of those games will undoubtedly be Mario Kart, and for everyone who ever played a relaxing game with their best friends on the Nintendo 64 (also known as the N64), we know this baddie has been long-awaited. It is almost like coming home. That’s how powerful the nostalgia will flow through this one, folks. So be careful about what you know and what you don’t know.

Anyway, if you count yourself among the chorus of true Super Mario Bros megafans, then you will want to get in on this as soon as you possibly can. This is one of those things you just cannot possibly miss or you will end up in a truly terrible world of hurt. Good luck my friends.