Final Fantasy VII Demo Leaks Reveal The Installation Size For The Full Game On PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy VII Demo Leaks Reveal The Installation Size For The Full Game On PlayStation 4
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

The demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake has leaked online, causing many gamers to panic as spoilers have hit the internet a full two months before the launch of the full game.

But it hasn’t just been story-related spoilers that have leaked out as a result of the demo hack. We’ve also learned a lot about the game’s specs. Most recently, it came out that the install size for Final Fantasy VII Remake will be more than 70 GB.

That’s a pretty hefty installation size, clocking in at exactly 73.7 GB of space on the PlayStation 4. That makes it a larger game than even Final Fantasy XV, which was a fairly huge release for Square Enix.

Let’s take a moment to compare that to three of Square Enix’s larger releases.

As we mentioned above, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a larger installation than Final Fantasy XV. That game was only 50GB of space, making this latest foray into the Final Fantasy universe larger than the open world adventure of XV.

It is also way larger than Kingdom Hearts 3, another massive release from Square in 2019. That long-awaited game clocked in at 40GB.

It is, however, not as large as Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO, which takes up 80GB on the PlayStation 4.

While an excess of 73GB is pretty big, there have been other games released in the last few years that dwarf Final Fantasy VII Remake in size.

For starters, Call of Duty Modern Warfare takes up a whopping 175GB of space, which is over 100 more than Final Fantasy VII.

Destiny 2 is another biggie, at 165GB.

Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the most celebrated games in the last year, took up 100GB on PlayStation 4 consoles.

Keep in mind that this is only the first installment of the massive remake of Final Fantasy VII. Square Enix confirmed long ago that they were breaking up this remake into multiple parts, with every chapter being the size of a full game.

While the original 1997 release encompassed three PlayStation One discs, it stands to reason that this remake could span three to five full games when all is said and done.

Effectively, Square Enix took Final Fantasy VII from being an entry into the Final Fantasy series and turned it into its own massive Franchise.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. It is expected that the playable demo could launch any day now, with gamers eagerly awaiting an announcement from PlayStation or Square.