Far Cry 6 Is Leaked Online With A Release Date Set In Early 2021

Far Cry 6 Is Leaked Online With A Release Date Set In Early 2021
Credit: Ubisoft

Despite Ubisoft’s planned weekend of launches and surprises, they’ve been hit by yet another leak. This time it comes from the Hong Kong PlayStation Store, and while the page has been taken down, for a brief moment there it was: Far Cry 6.

Giancarlo Esposito is right there on the cover, and this is likely the action game he was referring to in a recent interview. The Breaking Bad star is back and playing another villain, stuck on the game cover in Far Cry tradition.

The villain is a dictator who rules over a tropical island stuck in time. Castillo, the father, and Diego, the son, are trying to repress a revolt across the island. As a player, you step into the shoes of a resistance fighter and blast the island to pieces in the name of freedom. This all sounds very Far Cry to me.

Other hints and hype pieces about Far Cry include the news that it will be the largest map so far in the franchise. There are jungles, rugged coastline, and an enormous capital city to explore and most likely, destroy.

There’s a bit of a Just Cause vibe with the hinted weapons, which include homemade contraptions, plus you can also assemble a posse of Amigos (recruitable NPCs) to aid the cause. They’ll fight alongside you like your own personal army.

Far Cry is typically a singleplayer game, but Far Cry 6 also has online multiplayer for two people – co-op essentially. It’s always good to see developers include some sort of co-op mechanic.

In not so good news, the game will likely include microtransactions. This is Ubisoft after all. What these microtransactions actually are is a bit tricky to tell – this is primarily a singleplayer game, so there’s no need to flex your wallet on other players.

Far Cry 5 included a microtransaction system that was almost like a mobile game. You could purchase premium currency to kit yourself out with vehicles, unique gear and weapons. Everything could be earned in-game, too, if you didn’t mind grinding.

Lastly, Far Cry 6 was listed on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store for a February 2021 release date. These sorts of leaks (especially release dates) should be viewed with some caution, but it is likely the game will release sometime in early 2021.