Veewo Games’ Neon Abyss Launches Next Week With A Free Demo Available Now

Veewo Games’ Neon Abyss Launches Next Week With A Free Demo Available Now
Credit: Team17 via YouTube

Team17, Yooreka Studios, and Veewo Games have announced the release date for their upcoming game Neon Abyss. The announcement was also paired with a brand new trailer. The trailer showcases some of the neon-themed graphics and action-packed gameplay.

Neon Abyss will launch on PC via Steam plus multiple consoles simultaneously. Players who want to try out the game can download a free demo now.

Neon Abyss stars a task force set-up by Hades to infiltrate the Abyss and defeat the New Gods. After each death, members of the task force become stronger than ever. Players will get to unlock more items, characters, and mini-game rooms to extend the length of their dungeon runs.

The gameplay is filled run run-and-gun action with roguelike mechanics. Players can also make almost unlimited combinations to become monstrous against the New Gods. There are over 400 items to collect to use to combine with weapons for unique abilities.

The dungeons themselves keep evolving throughout each playthrough. Players will dive deeper into the Abyss and bast their way through different enemies. All weapons are upgradeable with powerful perks and countless combinations.

The task force members can collect and hatch eggs for adorable pet followers that can help fight in dungeons with powers of their own. The official Steam page contains several screenshots and gifs of some of the gameplay and mini-games players will get to enjoy.

While a free demo is available now, Veewo has an email sign-up form to sign up for a Closed Beta Demo as well. This may be a different version of the demo version on Steam.

Players who want to follow the development of Neon Abyss can join Veewo’s official Discord server now or add the game to their Steam Wishlists to be notified when the game is out.

Veewo Games has previously released mobile titles. Their lineup includes Just Get 10 and the Super Phantom Cat series. The Super Phantom Cat series is a retro platform game where players can uncover different paths and unlock new characters.

Team17 is an indie publisher who has released several popular series, including the Worms franchise, The Survivalists, The Escapists, Epic Chef, Overcooked, Hell Let Loose, My Time At Portia, Yooka-Laylee, and many more.

Neon Abyss launches on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on July 14, 2020.