Falls Guys Has A New Level Called Jump Showdown And Other Improvements

Falls Guys Has A New Level Called Jump Showdown And Other Improvements
Credit: Devolver Digital via YouTube

In a very short period of time, Fall Guys has gone on to achieve a lot of commercial success. It’s not surprising when you take into consideration the fun elements it highlights.

Players compete online with 59 others round after round, until only one remains. Every round plays out a bit differently. It could be a race to the finish line with various obstacles in the way or it could be a battle of survival.

Either way, players have to do whatever it takes to survive and hopefully claim victory. The game has done so well that it soared to the top of the charts on Steam, beating out heavy-hitters PUBG and even GTA 5.

Now, it’s about to get even better. As of today, there is a new level called Jump Showdown. You might remember it if you played the beta because this is where it was first introduced.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Jump Showdown, it’s a really good time. Players stand on a platform as two beams spin around at varying speeds. The longer players stay on the platform, the faster the top and bottom beams move.

That’s not all. As the match progresses, sections of the platform fall away. There will thus be little room for error near the end of matches. It looks like a jolly good time, although pretty difficult. Players will have to be on their A game and time their jumps just right.

This is probably just one of many new stages planned for Fall Guys. If you think about it, the developer Mediatonic has so many directions to take with new stages. They have already done a great job with the level designs, but they can continue to improve this game over the next couple of months.

In addition to this new stage, some bugs have been addressed by the developer. For instance, messaging is now better for matchmaking and fixed parties won’t fail as much because of too many requests. If you want to see the full list, you can visit the game’s official website.

It’s important that these bugs were addressed because a lot of players were having issues. That just goes to show how popular of a game Fall Guys is. Now all the developer needs to do is work on systems that address cheating. It has been pretty prevalent since launch and negatively impacted a lot of users.