PUBG Season 8 Kicks Off July 22 And Includes A Re-Imagining Of Sanhok

PUBG Season 8 Kicks Off July 22 And Includes A Re-Imagining Of Sanhok
Credit: PUBG MOBILE India Official via YouTube

The battle royale game PUBG is about to get its Season 8. Patch notes are officially out as well so fans wondering what’s in store don’t have to keep guessing. There are a lot of new things planned, but probably the most noteworthy is a re-imagining of Sanhok.

This is one of PUBG’s oldest maps, which debuted nearly two years ago. PUBG Corporation has designed it from the ground up and that means all-new opportunities from a combat standpoint. It’s worth mentioning that a lot of the areas have been upgraded, including Bhan, River, Cave, Mountain, Airfield, Quarry, and Bootcamp.

The developer’s intention here was making Sanhok look better visually and also improve balance for many sections. Looking at the before and after photos of what they’ve done, it’s a pretty impressive transformation that you just have to see for yourself.

Take Bootcamp, for example. What was once a crowded area of structures now is a pretty well laid out space. There are now plenty of lines of sight for players to use while they crouch behind buildings.

The overall layout is much smarter and should make gameplay better all around. Bootcamp also has underground tunnels, which as you might imagine, will force players into some tense close quarters situations.

Another perfect example of the re-worked version of Sanhok is Quarry. It has been one of the most popular sections of this map, but it definitely left more to be designed from a design standpoint. The re-hauled version has many more sections and canyon areas that players can use to their advantage.

All of these changes are great to see. Even the visuals are much crisper and seem more thought out. Season 8 isn’t just about Sanhok’s re-design either.

There will be a new feature where loot trucks drive around the map. They’ll be carrying precious cargo that players will have the chance to collect after doing damage. These trucks will spawn in different garages scattered throughout the stage, and there are a total of 8 loot trucks in each match.

They seem perfect for grabbing some gear quickly, but it’s probably safe to assume others will be vying for their cargo as well. Thus, players will have to be extra cautious when pursuing them.

If you’re interested in the full patch notes of Season 8, they’re available on the game’s official website. Only one more week until PUBG players get to check out all of this new content.