Dying Light Special HyperMode Event Is Back Until December 3rd, Letting You Launch The Undead

Dying Light Special HyperMode Event Is Back Until December 3rd, Letting You Launch The Undead
Credit: Dying Light via YouTube

Dying Light continues to deliver consistent events that have the community reaching back into the game just one more time for the past couple of months.  The consistent events are more than likely due to Dying Light 2 getting closer to launch on the Steam platform in either the first or second quarter of 2020, and developer Techland is hard-pressed not to expand the hype train that’s forming behind it.

As more and more gamers redownload Dying Light to check out some of the interesting challenges that Techaldn are placing at the feet of gamers, people are rediscovering what made the game so fun in the first place; near-unlimited movement, satisfying combat, and an unending, albeit gentle, sense of horror.

The newest patch brings about the return of HyperMode Event, which allows you to send zombies flying across the map with one hit, resulting in enjoyable gameplay.  It also noticeably makes the campaign easier, so if you’ve been struggling with specific parts, now would be the wise time to hop back in and give things a swing.

Both cricket and baseball bats enjoy a sizeable increase to power, and you’ll find lots more bats in airdrops as the event is active.  Completing the personal challenge of this event will give you the pretty golden baseball bat.  The real kicker is that if the community completes the challenge, the Spectral Baseball Bat is offered to everyone who participated.

It glows pink during the day, and blue in the dark, but its actual benefit is that it will retain its HyperMode modifier even after the event ends, allowing you to continue blasting enemies away from existence.  A sizeable boon for those who find themselves still parkouring around the island.

Beyond a fun community event that ‘yeets’ the undead into the next city, there are also a couple of small PC fixes and polishes applied.  Borderless window mode is finally enabled, and properly.  From a game that suffered upon launch with various window settings, this is a nice option to have, even if it did take a couple of years.

The patch fixes also promise ‘overall stability’ upgrades, and a crash on drop attack for both Linux and Mac users.

Frankly, if we have fun challenges to look forward to from now until Dying Light 2, I imagine that their active player base will stay relatively stable until then; who doesn’t like mixing it up sometimes?  Hopefully, Dying Light 2 contains as many unique community events.